[Gpg4win-commits] r171 - trunk/doc/website

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Fri Feb 17 22:01:01 CET 2006

Author: jan
Date: 2006-02-17 22:01:01 +0100 (Fri, 17 Feb 2006)
New Revision: 171

Changed to use the "online" target of the makefile
instead of doing the rsync manually.

Modified: trunk/doc/website/README
--- trunk/doc/website/README	2006-02-17 20:59:37 UTC (rev 170)
+++ trunk/doc/website/README	2006-02-17 21:01:01 UTC (rev 171)
@@ -26,19 +26,24 @@
 To install the generated web site you need a gpg4win docwriter or
 developer account on wald.intevation.org.
-Installing is done from within the "doc/website" directory, using
+Installing is done from within the "doc/website" directory,
+just type:
-rsync -urvP --exclude='.svn' *.css *.html *.php pix \
-      USER at wald.intevation.org:/gpg4win/htdocs/
+  make -f buildhtml.mk online
-Where USER is your accounts user name on wald.intevation.org.
+You will have to enter the ssh password of your account at wald.intevation.org.
-For further information on web site management on wald.intevation.org
-please read the online manual:
+If you are interested on web site management on wald.intevation.org
+in general, please read the online manual:
+If you need the website as offline version for some other
+purposes just run:
+  make -f buildhtml.mk tar
+After thar you have the file "www.gpg4win.org.tar.gz".
 versions.m4 : Definitions of some macros, holding the current versions

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