[Gnessus-announce] The name game part 2

Tim Brown timb at gnessus.org
Sun Oct 23 18:51:21 CEST 2005


Majordomo was severely fouling up to the point where nothing was being 
sent.  With that in mind, I am resending the last announcement.  We've 
switched from majordomo to Mailman which appears to behave itself rather 

Since we now have 32 suggestions for a new name for the project, I suggest
we call a halt at suggesting any more.  Amongst them are two, OpenVAS and
Open Source Vulnerabililty Scanning Consortium for which we have already
been offered the domains by interested parties and for which I have 
already consulted with Software in the Public Interest (the GNU/Debian 
trademark holders) with regards to them holding the domains in trust.  On 
this basis, I'd like to make two proposals:

1) We take up one of the offers currently on the table for existing 


2) A couple of the current subscribers contact me off list regarding
reviewing the full list on http://www.gnessus.org/doku.php?id=the_name_game
and making a recommendation which the project will then have a chance to
block should the so wish or pass.

Can we have a quick show of hands, if anyone disagrees to 1, and a couple 
of volunteers to kick off 2.  In the case of 1, if you agree, please email 
gnessus-discuss with your preferred choice.

Tim Brown, GNessUs
<mailto:timb at gnessus.org>

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