[Openvas-announce] openvas-plugins 1.0.1 released

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Wed Jun 4 22:27:42 CEST 2008


the OpenVAS developers are happy to announce that
openvas-plugins 1.0.1 is released.

It is recommended that you update your installation
with this new version as it extends the test range.
Script developers get some new APIs.

This is a maintenance release with several new
scripts, some package restructuring
and packaging support.

Outstanding is the up-to-date Debian
Local Security Checks, the newly developed
base funcationality for writing Windows
Local Security Checks and the new base
functionality for generic software version

openvas-plugins is licensed under GNU GPLv2.

Main changes since 1.0.0 (2008-02-05):

* 118 additional Debian Local Security Checks
  Contributed by www.securityspace.com

* New: Windows local security checks via smbclient
  added. The new base library is smbcl_func.inc.
  A sample test is win_CVE-2007-0043.nasl.
  The old Nessus Windows Local Security Checks
  were removed because the base library was under a propritary

* New methodology to test for software
  version on a remote host by asking the
  actual software rather than the RPM/DEB
  package database (version_func.inc).
  clamav-CB-A08-0001.nasl (CVE 2007-6335,
  CVE 2007-6336, CVE 2007-6337) as a sample
  how this is works.
  This makes it possible to check for tools
  that were not installed via the package
  management (typical for many services).
  Additionally, the tests are to some extend
  independent of the operating system of the

* openvas-nvt-sync now less verbose. PID file location fixed.

* Debian packaging files moved from debian/ to packagig/debian.

* New: sample RPM spec files for SUSE and Fedora.

* Several bug fixes in .nasl and .inc files.

* Removed several obsolete files and docs
  (e.g. "nessus-update-plugins.in").

* Plugin Factory removed. See also:
  Packagers: You do not need to consider
  the plugin factory installation files/dirs.

* Several .inc NASL files from older Nessus
  distributions added (the old versions were under
  GNU GPL while the new ones are not in OpenVAS
  because they switched to a proprietary license).

Download and more information on the OpenVAS Server page:


Best regards

        Jan-Oliver Wagner

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