[Openvas-announce] OpenVAS 2.0-beta2 modules released

Michael Wiegand michael.wiegand at intevation.de
Fri Nov 14 16:43:14 CET 2008


the OpenVAS developers are happy to announce the release of the
2.0-beta2 versions of openvas-libraries, openvas-libnasl, openvas-server
and openvas-client.

This release is the second beta version of the upcoming 2.0 release of
OpenVAS.  It contains improved 64-bit compatibility, support for
transferring NVT signature information to the client and various

This release is intended to contain all features intended for the final
OpenVAS 2.0 release. Users are encouraged to test this release and to
report bugs to the OpenVAS bug tracker located at
http://bugs.openvas.org/ .

If you have used the 2.0-beta1 release, we recommend that you update all
your OpenVAS modules (openvas-libraries, openvas-libnasl, openvas-server
and openvas-client) to 2.0-beta2.

If you are currently using the stable 1.0.x branch and want to take part
in the beta phase for 2.0, we recommend that you install 2.0-beta2
separately from your OpenVAS 1.0 installation. Instructions on how to do
this are available from the OpenVAS website.

Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the beta phase,
keep your patches, suggestions and ideas coming!



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