[Openvas-announce] OpenVAS 4 BETA-Test phase started

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Wed Dec 1 09:48:11 CET 2010


the OpenVAS developers are proud to announce that
the test phase for the upcoming OpenVAS 4 started
and the first releases have become available.

"OpenVAS 4" is the label of the next generation
and will cover the following OpenVAS modules:
Libraries 4.0, Scanner 3.2, Manager 2.0,
Administrator 1.0, GSA 2.0, GSD 1.0 and CLI 1.1.

Most significant change will be Version 2
of the OpenVAS Management Protocol (OMP). It
makes the new features of the Manager available
to its clients (Web, Desktop, CLI).

Major new features are:

 * Master-Slave: Have one installation control several others
 * Report Format Plugin Framework: Use or create arbitrary
   report styles (for example PDF, text, pie chart, bar charts,
   maps, topoplots).
 * Targets: More ways to specify IP-ranges
 * Credentials: Editor (password changes possible)
 * Escalators: More of them, current improved
 * OMP: protocol self-documentation as HTML, XML, RNC
 * Network scan plugins: Speedup of scans via network-wide
   initial scans
 * Lower memory footprint (~10% more concurrent scans possible)
Apart from this, comprehensive internal cleanups happened and
will be continued for the final OpenVAS 4 release. The APIs of
the beta releases will undergo further modifications.


 * OpenVAS Scanner remains compatible with the previous release,
   so the latest release of the old OpenVAS-Client still works.

 * The OpenVAS NVT Feed will be extended with tests that take
   advantage of the network scan feature but fully keeps the behaviour
   for previous releases.

 * The OpenVAS Manager has a migration option for updating
   a OpenVAS Manager 1.0 SQL database. But there is no support
   to downgrade the database back to 1.0.


If you like to try out the beta version of the upcoming
OpenVAS 4 release, you should install it separately from your
stable release.

The OpenVAS team very much appreciates reports on any experiences
with this BETA series of OpenVAS 4. Please report on the OpenVAS
mailing lists.

Download of Source Code: All download links can be found
on the OpenVAS homepage, see http://www.openvas.org .

We expect that binary installation packages will show up over the next
weeks and we are very thankful for the great work of the package maintainers.
This page will be updated as soon as we get notice on first OpenVAS 4 BETA packages:

Best regards

        Jan-Oliver Wagner

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