[Openvas-announce] Updates for OpenVAS-4

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Wed Aug 22 16:15:38 CEST 2012

Hello OpenVAS users,

in the past couple of weeks we have uploaded various updated source
code packages for OpenVAS-4. These include various security fixes,
bug fixes and other improvements.

We recommend to update to the new versions.

openvas-manager 2.0.5

This release fixes a security issue.

Main changes since 2.0.4:
* When getting all reports, get only the visible reports for the current user.

gsa 2.0.2

This release fixes a security issue, a build issue and a small bug. 

Main changes since 2.0.1:
* Fix security issue that allowed registered users to craft URLs
  that can kill the GSA daemon (Denial of Service).
* Fixed build issue for GCC 4.6.
* Small bugfix for a broken link in the help system.

openvas-cli 1.1.5

This release fixes build issues and allows it to use future OMP versions
as long as commands are still compatible.

Main changes compared to 1.1.4:
* Clean up CMake infrastructure and ensure that compilation with modern
  gccs works.
* If the OMP version is unknown just treat it like version 3.0, as later
  versions may still work with the 3.0 settings.

Best regards

	Jan-Oliver Wagner

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