[Openvas-announce] Feed Changes

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Wed Aug 23 10:13:38 CEST 2017

Dear OpenVAS/Greenbone Users,

In early June we announced upcoming feed changes which are now ready to start.

The first change is renaming the public feed from "OpenVAS NVT Feed" to
"Greenbone Community Feed" (GCF) for branding reasons. This has no impact
on functionality and there will be no license change.

The second change is surely awaited by many community users:

We will drop the current 14-day delay for the Community Feed and switch to a
daily up-to-date scheme. This includes immediate availability of "Hot NVTs"
which address security problems running fast through the Internet and through
the news. Also, reported patches/improvements will become available much

However, we will stop adding features for large enterprise environments.  We
will not remove such NVTs from the current community feed, so you will not get
inconsistent scan results for them. Naturally, the gap between GCF and GSF
regarding enterprise features will grow over time.

We think this a good balance between community needs and commercial needs.

We will change the publication scheme on September 4th, 2017.

Best regards


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Greenbone Networks GmbH, Neumarkt 12, 49074 Osnabrück | AG Osnabrück, HR B 
Geschäftsführer: Lukas Grunwald, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner

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