[Openvas-commits] r465 - trunk/doc/website

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Mon Oct 29 10:25:04 CET 2007

Author: jan
Date: 2007-10-29 10:25:04 +0100 (Mon, 29 Oct 2007)
New Revision: 465

Added another idea for OpenVAS future.

Modified: trunk/doc/website/roadmap.htm4
--- trunk/doc/website/roadmap.htm4	2007-10-29 09:17:14 UTC (rev 464)
+++ trunk/doc/website/roadmap.htm4	2007-10-29 09:25:04 UTC (rev 465)
@@ -139,5 +139,12 @@
 <li> Consider popular issue-tracker or helpdesk systems to pull issues from
      scan reports, sort them, prioritize and assign them.
+<li> Besides hole, warning, hint add two further classes: info and debug.
+     These could help to better understand what was going on during the scan.
+     The simple thesis that anything went well if no report is given ignores
+     the potential occurance of various technical problems that might have
+     suppressed messages or prevented execution of tests.

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