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Author: jfs
Date: 2007-10-31 21:47:54 +0100 (Wed, 31 Oct 2007)
New Revision: 478

The rebuild process does not apply to OpenVAS either

Deleted: trunk/openvas-plugins/debian/README.rebuild.Debian
--- trunk/openvas-plugins/debian/README.rebuild.Debian	2007-10-31 20:47:03 UTC (rev 477)
+++ trunk/openvas-plugins/debian/README.rebuild.Debian	2007-10-31 20:47:54 UTC (rev 478)
@@ -1,89 +0,0 @@
-If you have read the Tenable Plugin License you might have noticed
-this bit:
-"Registration.  You agree to use the Plugins only in conjunction
-with Nessus or NeWT vulnerability scanner programs obtained
-directly from www.nessus.org or www.tenablesecurity.com and
-registered with Tenable ('Registered Scanners')."
-The Debian package does not ship any plugin under that license but using
-plugins downloaded after registration at nessus.org following that license 
-together with the Debian packages arguably violates the Tenable License [1]
-even if the source code of the program themselves have been obtained
-directly from www.nessus.org.
-Debian distributes worldwide both binary packages (for all architectures
-it provides support for, currently eleven) and the program sources. 
-The sources distributed include the _original_ Nessus sources 
-(your can run a MD5/ SHA-a checksum check to verify this yourself)
-and include Debian-specific patches. 
-If you want to rebuild all the Nessus packages yourself substituting
-the sources Debian distributes with sources downloaded from www.nessus.org
-you need to take the following steps:
-1.- Run 'apt-get build-dep nessus-core libnasl nessus-libraries
-nessus-plugins' to download all the packages needed to rebuild
-the Nessus packages (also known as 'build dependencies')
-2.- Run 'apt-get source nessus-core libnasl nessus-libraries
-nessus-plugins' to download all the sources distributed in Debian.
-This will download files with the .dsc, .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz
-3.- Replace the orig.tar.gz files downloaded from Debian with the tar.gz
-files at ftp://ftp.nessus.org/pub/nessus/
-[ Note: They _should_ be byte by byte identical in any case]
-4.- Extract all the sources of the packages:
-$ for dsc in *dsc; do dpkg-source -x $dsc; done
-    That will generates a source tree with the original sources + Debian
-    patches applied for all the packages.
-4.- Compile all the sources doing this:
-      a- cd libnessus-* && fakeroot debian/rules binary
-      [ install the resulting libnessus Debian packages ]
-      b- cd libnasl-* &&  fakeroot debian/rules binary
-      [ install the resulting libnasl Debian packages ]
-      c- cd nessus-plugins-* && fakeroot debian/rules binary
-      d- cd nessus-core-* && fakeroot debian/rules binary
-      [ install all remaining Nessus packages ]
-All this process might take 1-2 hours if you are using a system with
-sufficient power and memory and a good (bandwith-wise) Debian mirror.
-If you automate this package generation from sources (like 'apt-build' does) 
-you have converted your Debian system into something more similar to the
-use of ports (in FreeBSD, Gentoo, NetBSD or OpenBSD): downloading the
-original source from the Internet, downloading all the
-libraries needed to build it, patching it for Debian and compiling it
-in your Debian system to generate native packages that will be
-managed through the package management system.
-Hint: This is even similar to what you can do to build Debian packages
-of new sources (when a new version is available and the Debian have
-not been updated yet). It's a little bit more tricky, however, take a
-look at the 'debian/new-packages.sh' script in the Debian nessus-core
-Also, this might be an easier way for people running Debian to
-generate packages (even if more steps are involved) that running the
-Nessus 2.2.5 installer script from nessus.org as the script will not
-be able to automatically download all the library packages you need to
-build Nessus (i.e. the 'build dependencies' in Debian).
-That's it!
-[1] As stated by Ron Gula, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer
-of Tenable Network Security in the Nessus mailing list:
-Javier Fernandez-Sanguino
-Fri,  2 Sep 2005 01:02:45 +0200

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