[Openvas-commits] r1298 - in trunk/openvas-plugins: . scripts

Thomas Reinke lists at securityspace.com
Tue Sep 9 16:38:58 CEST 2008

Re gather-package-list-sigkeyid.nasl

If I'm not mistaken, we might need to rethink the
approach on this script.  As it stands, this script
overwrites the "ssh/login/rpms" kb item that is
set by gather-package-list.nasl

We should either change gather-package.list.nasl
to include the desired capability, or have this
gather-package-list-sigkeyid.nasl set a different
set of kb variables to avoid conflicts.


> +    buf = ssh_cmd(socket:sock, cmd:"/bin/rpm -qa --qf '%{NAME}~%{VERSION}~%{RELEASE}~%{SIGGPG:pgpsig};'");
> +    set_kb_item(name: "ssh/login/rpms", value: ";" + buf);

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