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* openvas-compendium.tex: Added chapter regarding file locations.

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+2008-09-18  Michael Wiegand <michael.wiegand at intevation.de>
+	* openvas-compendium.tex: Added chapter regarding file locations.
 2008-09-17  Michael Wiegand <michael.wiegand at intevation.de>
 	* openvas-compendium.tex: Make use of verbatim environment more

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 trace file.
+\chapter{OpenVAS File Locations}
+\compendiumauthor{Michael Wiegand}
+The OpenVAS components will install files to different locations on your
+system during installation. This chapter aims to give you a rough idea of what
+will be installed where.
+Please note that the locations presented here refer to a standard installation
+from source. These locations may differ according to the choices made when
+configuring and compiling the individual components; if you installed OpenVAS
+from binary packages provided for your distribution, the package maintainers
+may have chosen different locations according to the distributions guidelines.
+Be aware that most of these directories will of course contain files additional
+to the ones described in the following sections; this chapter only points out
+which files will be place by OpenVAS in certain locations.
+This directory holds executables that can be useful for configuration and setup
+of certain components (\verb|libopenvas-config|, \verb|openvasd-config|,
+\verb|openvas-libnasl-config| and \verb|openvas-mkrand|) as well as a tool for
+generating client certificates (\verb|openvas-mkcert-client|) and a standalone
+NASL interpreter (\verb|openvas-nasl|).
+This directory holds the system-wide configuration data for OpenVAS including
+the file for the access rules and the user database.
+This directory contains the include files for OpenVAS.
+This directory holds the library files of the different OpenVAS components and
+-- in the \verb|openvas/plugins| subdirectory -- the installed plugins.
+This directory holds several executables useful for system administrators for
+tasks like user and certificate management (\verb|openvas-adduser|,
+\verb|openvas-mkcert|, \verb|openvas-rmuser|) or feed management
+(\verb|openvas-check-signature|, \verb|openvas-nvt-sync|) as well as the
+executable for the OpenVAS server itself (\verb|openvasd|).
+This directory contains the manual pages for the individual executables provided
+by OpenVAS. Some manual pages are also located in \verb|/usr/local/man|.
+This directory contains data relevant to the specific OpenVAS installation,
+like certificates (in the \verb|CA| and \verb|private/CA| subdirectories), the
+OpenVAS services database and files pertaining to specific users of this
+OpenVAS installation (in the \verb|users| subdirectory).
+This directory holds the log files of the OpenVAS-Server component.
+This directory contains runtime data of a running OpenVAS system, like the
+process identifier file \verb|openvasd.pid|.
 \chapter{Installing and Configuring OpenVAS-Client}
 \compendiumauthor{Tim Brown, Jan-Oliver Wagner and Michael Wiegand}

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