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Thu May 28 12:34:45 CEST 2009

Author: mwiegand
Date: 2009-05-28 12:34:44 +0200 (Thu, 28 May 2009)
New Revision: 3508

Preparing the openvas-plugins 1.0.7 release.

* CHANGES: Updated.

* VERSION: Set to 1.0.7.

Modified: trunk/openvas-plugins/CHANGES
--- trunk/openvas-plugins/CHANGES	2009-05-28 10:13:41 UTC (rev 3507)
+++ trunk/openvas-plugins/CHANGES	2009-05-28 10:34:44 UTC (rev 3508)
@@ -1,3 +1,53 @@
+openvas-plugins 1.0.7 (2009-05-28)
+This is the last maintenance release of the openvas-plugins module for the Open
+Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS).
+As it was agreed in Change Request #32
+(http://www.openvas.org/openvas-cr-32.html), the OpenVAS project will no longer
+release tarballs of the openvas-plugins module. The NVTs contained in the
+openvas-plugins module will continue to be available through the OpenVAS NVT
+Feed and as a separate daily updated tar-ball. Please read the Change Request
+for details.
+The synchronization script and the remaining "C-Plugins" (suffix .nes) will be
+migrated to the openvas-server module and will be released with this module
+starting with openvas-server 2.1.0.
+Please not that this module is no longer needed if you have installed
+openvas-server 2.1.0 or newer.
+This release fixes various issues discovered after the release of
+openvas-plugins 1.0.6 and adds a large number of new Network Vulnerability
+Tests (NVTs), now in total over 11,000. Some NVTs are being reactivated by
+adding mandatory dependencies - these dependencies were missing because they
+were subject of proprietary licensing and thus were not inherited from Nessus.
+Shortly after release date of this version, it will be outdated in terms of
+NVTs. NVTs are being updated daily. We strongly recommend that you do an
+synchronization using the openvas-nvt-sync command before you (re-)start the
+OpenVAS server. This will download the latest NVTs from the OpenVAS NVT Feed.
+If you are packaging this module for a distribution, we recommend that you
+include a synchronization in you post-installation routine.
+Main changes since 1.0.6:
+* More than 1,000 new NVTs have been added.
+* A large number of existing NVTs have been updated and improved.
+* The Debian packaging files have been updated.
+* The synchronization script (openvas-nvt-sync) again preserves timestamps
+  when synchronizing.
+* The Local Security Checks Generator (LSC-Generator) is now able to generate
+  LSCs for Gentoo and HP-UX as well.
+* A number of NVTs using the tool "hydra" have been removed from openvas-plugins
+  due to licensing issues. Please refer to the ChangeLog for details.
+Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release: Chandrashekhar B,
+Christian Eric Edjenguele, Goran Licina, Michael Meyer, Thomas Reinke, Chandan
+S, Markus Schröder, Jan-Oliver Wagner, Michael Wiegand and Felix Wolfsteller
 openvas-plugins 1.0.6 (2009-04-09)
 This is a maintenance release of the openvas-plugins module for the Open

Modified: trunk/openvas-plugins/ChangeLog
--- trunk/openvas-plugins/ChangeLog	2009-05-28 10:13:41 UTC (rev 3507)
+++ trunk/openvas-plugins/ChangeLog	2009-05-28 10:34:44 UTC (rev 3508)
@@ -1,5 +1,13 @@
 2009-05-28  Michael Wiegand <michael.wiegand at intevation.de>
+	Preparing the openvas-plugins 1.0.7 release.
+	* CHANGES: Updated.
+	* VERSION: Set to 1.0.7.
+2009-05-28  Michael Wiegand <michael.wiegand at intevation.de>
 	Added some text files with information about missing dependencies as a
 	guideline for NASL developers.

Modified: trunk/openvas-plugins/VERSION
--- trunk/openvas-plugins/VERSION	2009-05-28 10:13:41 UTC (rev 3507)
+++ trunk/openvas-plugins/VERSION	2009-05-28 10:34:44 UTC (rev 3508)
@@ -1 +1 @@

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