[Openvas-devel] [ftpmaster at debian.org: openvas-client_1.0.1-1_i386.changes REJECTED]

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Sun Nov 4 22:58:12 CET 2007

oops, seems we worked on it concurrently ;-)

On Sunday 04 November 2007 22:13, Tim Brown wrote:
> On Sunday 04 November 2007 09:58:58 Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> > rejected, your debian/copyright file is incomplete and misses
> > (C)holders/license data. You have to include all such differences.
> I will begin looking at this, starting with a simple grep for copyright. 
> One thing I have noticed thus far is that Jan is credited by name in the
> files, yet for simplicity sakes we credit Intevation in the copyright, I
> will change to crdit directly Jan.
> > There are many files licensed under LGPL, not GPL. Like the whole
> > libnessus/, some files in include/ and some more in the nessus/ at least.
> >
> > You also have a mix of GPL v2 only and GPL v2 or later files...
> I'll try and figure this out.

see my last email and the newly checked in file.

> > Also, where is the source for nessus/test.pdf, which is created with
> > some htmldoc?
> This is a generated report from Nessus, for one of Tenable's test systems. 
> I will remove this.

done already.

> > There is also gdchart source included, with its own license. Also -
> > please make sure to not use that included copy, but build-depend (and
> > use) the gd stuff from the archive.
> A start would be to see if it will build using the Debian gdchart package. 
> Of course this could be quire fun since other platforms may not have this
> package available.  Javier/Jan, I assume this is the reasoning for why
> gdchart is included?

I guess so, but it was Renaud who added this a long time ago.
Sooner or later we should remove it. It does not have a central
role as it is only used to create some chart junk.



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