[Openvas-devel] OpenVAS contest

Christian Eric EDJENGUELE c_edjenguele at yahoo.it
Thu Aug 28 15:59:54 CEST 2008

Hello all,
I should be interedted to participate to the OpenVAS contest,
I'm new in this project, so first I have to master OpenVAS architecture and internal! howerver,
I've a previous developement experience about two years in the IT security field and security checks development.
I'm also comfortable in writing nasl script. so here is a summary of my contribution:

1) Internationalisation
    * tranlation of openvas-client (po file) to french, since I'm a native speaker
2) openvas-plugins 
    * implementation of .nasl script for recent security alerts with fully functional exploit code
    * implementation of new .nasl script to detect additional software
    * implementation of  new routines to perform operating system fingerprint
3) If Possible: Cross Platform OpenVAS-Client
    * alternate user interface based on python web application framework: cherry python
What do you think ?
Christian Eric Edjenguele
IT Security Software Developer & Researcher
tel. +39 3408580513
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