[Openvas-devel] CR#2 (OID), first step: sample NASL web page

Tim Brown timb at nth-dimension.org.uk
Wed Feb 27 02:55:04 CET 2008

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 00:57:09 Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:

> a first step for implementing CR#2 is to create web pages (URLs)
> for each OpenVAS NVT based on the OID.


> It is also possible to apply URLs like this:
> http://www.openvas.org/nvts/
> which could help to have not too many files in one directory.
> Further alternative:
> http://www.openvas.org/

My initial thought, can we have a plugins.openvas.org (I can make the DNS 
changes) and then go with http://plugins.openvas.org/plugin.[cgi|php|pl|
etc]?oid=  My reasoning is that people may 
wish to mirror this data for themselves (without mirroring the rest of the 
web site).  Also by going with a dynamic page (even if it just pulls the data 
from static files for now), is that it will make it easier in the future if 
we wish to do clever things such as manage the metadata from an SQL data 
(just as an example) without needing to change the URI which avoids URI 

Tim Brown
<mailto:timb at nth-dimension.org.uk>

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