[Openvas-devel] 64 bit cleanless

Michael Wiegand michael.wiegand at intevation.de
Mon Nov 10 11:53:16 CET 2008

[Sunday 09 November 2008 - 15:09:35] "Stjepan Gros" <sgros.ml at gmail.com>:
> I added ChangeLog entry. Also, I removed few non-64bit related changes
> whose sole purpose was to get rid of some additional warnings. I'm going to
> send those later, when this is applied, because it becomes hard for me to
> keep all the changes I've done in sync with newest trunk.
> Attached is patch for openvas-client only. If this is OK, then I'll send
> patches for other subsystems as well.

The patch looks good to me, I'm about to run a few tests with it and intend to 
commit it to trunk later today.

Once this is done, I'm ready to take a look at your other patches, so please 
do send them once they are ready. Thank you!

> I totally forgot that it's going to generate warnings on 32-bit platforms.
> Unfortunatelly, I don't know openvas so well to know how to definitely
> resolve this issue. What I did now is that I added cast to change each
> integer either 64-bit or 32-bit to 32-bit value. This is under the
> assumption that those values will never be larger.

I just compiled it on a 32-bit system, looks good so far, no more warning 
regarding this. I think we can live with that.



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