[Openvas-devel] AC_PREREQ directive

Michael Wiegand michael.wiegand at intevation.de
Wed Nov 12 13:08:55 CET 2008


as you have probably noticed, I have just added an AC_PREREQ directive
to all configure.in scripts.

The reason behind this is that the "autoconf" command does not always
call autoconf directly, but (for example in Debian) rather calls a
wrapper which then decides whether autoconf 2.13 or 2.50(or newer)
should be called.

At least in Debian, this wrapped decided that 2.13 would be appropriate,
which had the effect that different components were using different
autoconf versions, depending on who had last generated the configure
file. This caused issues with some autoconf defaults that had changed
between the versions and caused unnecessary large svn diffs.

The AC_PREREQ directive should now cause the correct autoconf version to be
used under all circumstances; please let me know if you observe any side effects.

Ultimately, it would probably make sense to remove the "configure" files
from the SVN and create them at build-time, wouldn't it?



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