[Openvas-devel] Fwd: 64 bit cleanless

Michael Wiegand michael.wiegand at intevation.de
Fri Nov 14 09:00:40 CET 2008

* Stjepan Gros [14. Nov 2008]:
> Two days ago I sent this mail but it was (still is?) held for
> moderator aprovall because of the size. I'm resending it again, but
> this time in two parts.

Oh, sorry for that. Jan-Oliver runs the openvas-devel list, but he was
out of town the last two days. I'm sure he will approve it today.
> Is it possible to raise a limit on mail message size?

This is a very good idea. Jan-Oliver, what do you think?

> Attached is a last set of patches. Some of them purely cosmetic, but
> majority to remove compiler warnings. Also, I removed --enable-install
> option in plugins because I don't see a reason to require root
> privileges to install plugins. This requires configure to be
> regenerated (which is not included in the patch).

Thank you. I will test the patches as soon as they get through to me.

> 1. when patches for plugin directory change will be acceptable?

I hadn't had time to look at those patches yet, but I think they are a
very important feature which would be very useful to OpenVAS. I've been
busy with the -beta2 release this week but I hope I will have time for
your patches once the release is out.

> 2. (almost) the same files are in openvas-client/libnessus and
> openvas-libraries/libopenvas. could it be possible to remove the
> duplicates in openvas-client and then require openvas-libraries to be
> installed before openvas-client can be installed?

The reason for this right now is simply that it enables less-experienced
user to just download one package, compile it and be ready to go without
worrying about dependencies to other parts of the code -- since client
and server are not always installed on the same machine.

In the long run your idea certainly makes sense, keeping different
versions of the same code around is something we definitely want to
avoid. But right now we are in the process of cleaning up -client as
well as -libraries, so I would tend to wait with this until this is done
before we merge this.



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