[Openvas-devel] Solaris Local Security Checks

Tim Brown timb at nth-dimension.org.uk
Mon Nov 17 23:21:53 CET 2008

On Monday 17 November 2008 17:46:08 Thomas Reinke wrote:
> Michael Wiegand wrote:
>  > compare it to "SUSE"). I have commented out the SuSE test for now, it
>  > would be great if someone with access to a SuSE system could write a
>  > more reliable test.
> SuSE has now been re-enabled in gather-package-list.nasl with
> updated detection logic properly working.

Cheers Michael and Thomas, but actually that's not the problem :(.  I'd 
actually fixed the SuSE bug in my branch as follows:

< rls = toupper(ssh_cmd(socket:sock, cmd:"cat /etc/SuSE-release"));
< if("SUSE"><rls) {
<     ver = eregmatch(pattern:"VERSION = ([0-9\.]+)", string:rls);
<     if( isnull(ver) ) ver[1] = " ";
<     set_kb_item(name: "ssh/login/release", value: "SUSE"+ver[1]);
<     buf = ssh_cmd(socket:sock, 
cmd:"/bin/rpm -qa --qf '%{NAME}~%{VERSION}~%{RELEASE};\n'");

Obviously your check is an improvement on that ;).  I may have the chance to 
run my scripts on a real world box this week, so I'll see if I can nail down 
where my problem lies.

Tim Brown
<mailto:timb at nth-dimension.org.uk>

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