[Openvas-devel] Change Request #19: discussion open

Felix Wolfsteller felix.wolfsteller at intevation.de
Thu Nov 20 12:47:05 CET 2008


On Thursday 20 November 2008 12:23:33 you wrote:
> What I wanted to suggest is that proposed code formatting should be
> based on some other popular open source project. That way it will be
> easier for newcomers to use it, especially if the given style is
> accepted in a large number of projects. For that matter I would
> propose using Linux Kernel guidelines. There is CodingStyle document
> that can be transfferend to OpenVAS.

Do you have a nice reference document for that? A quick search resulted in too  
many documents, each trying to summarize (their own) coding style.

> The second suggestion is that it should be (relatively) easy to do
> automatic reformatting using indent tool. The reason is that it's hard
> to expect that newcomers, but even experienced users, will follow
> closely formatting rules. Using indent the burden of style
> checking/correcting could be automated.

Tim and me had a tiny conversation about that ( 
http://www.linux.hr/openvas/archive/index.php?d=2008-11-19#msg4375 ). 
Reformatting all the old code seems to be a bit destructive to me at the 
moment (should have been done directly at fork times). And for new files I 
would suggest that its up to the devoloper to use one or not. However, we 
could encourage the usage of one or another tool.
But at the end, that is another discussion - whoever wants to summarize and 
give an opinion could open another thread. If the majority opts for 
automation and a specific tool here, I will of course include that in the 
compendium chapter.

-- felix

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