[Openvas-devel] Change Request #19: discussion open

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Fri Nov 21 05:14:04 CET 2008

Am Thursday 20 November 2008 12:47:05 schrieb Felix Wolfsteller:
> Reformatting all the old code seems to be a bit destructive to me at the
> moment

I am strictly against reformatting of code where no other changes happen.

> (should have been done directly at fork times).

The intention not to do it was to have Nessus patches still apply to OpenVAS
and vice versa. Well, Tenable rapidly closed down any access to their SVN. So 
it was only for the benefit of Nessus ;-)

> And for new files I  
> would suggest that its up to the devoloper to use one or not. However, we
> could encourage the usage of one or another tool.
> But at the end, that is another discussion - whoever wants to summarize and
> give an opinion could open another thread. If the majority opts for
> automation and a specific tool here, I will of course include that in the
> compendium chapter.

Formatting the code in a specific style (GNU) should be recommended,
but not be mandatory. I'd say we should have few mandatory rules like:
* no tabs, just spaces
* Indention of 2 characters

What I'd like to have mandatory is the documentation of functions.



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