[Openvas-devel] Bug Beta 2

greg drap gregdubol at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 13:53:14 CET 2008


Thanks for your very good product but I have few problems since this

I realized a scan,it works perfectly and after that I update my server by
using the command openvas-nvt-sync

Since that update my server doesn't work and show me this error.

Did I do something wrong?


bt ~ # openvasd -D
Loading the plugins... 102 (out of 11969)[3136]() gpgme_engine_check_version
failed: GPGME/Invalid crypto engine
Segmentation fault
bt ~ # openvasd -d
This is OpenVAS 2.0.0 for Linux
compiled with gcc version 4.1.2
Current setup :
        openvas-libnasl                : 2.0.0.beta2
        openvas-libraries              : 2.0.0.beta2
        SSL is used for client / server communication
        Running as euid                : 0

Include these infos in your bug reports
bt ~ #
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