[Openvas-devel] Voting on Change Request #21: Improved sorting of vulnerabilities

Felix Wolfsteller felix.wolfsteller at intevation.de
Thu Nov 27 09:37:34 CET 2008

Sounds good to me, just two remarks that could be included:

1) exported reports (most important pdf, i guess) should follow this scheme as 
well. I guess, this would follow from the changes in nbe/backend, but i am 
not 100% convinced.

2) Of course the priorities-to-be of CR#18 
(http://openvas.org/openvas-cr-18.html) have to be integrated nicely, too.

On Wednesday 26 November 2008 20:32:08 Joey Schulze wrote:
> Moin!
> I have submitted another change request and would like to ask for
> feedback and your votes on this issue.  The change request covers an
> Improvement in the visibility of discovered vulnerabilities.  It will
> soon be online at <http://www.openvas.org/openvas-cr-21.html>.
> In my opinion vulnerabilities should be sorted from the most dangerous
> vulnerability to least dangerous one.  I.e. High, Medium, Low and not
> vice versa as it is currently the case in the main window for report
> summaries.  If the window is not large enough, the summary of high
> priority vulnerabilities is currently hidden.
> Therefore I propose to reverse the order of these three columns in the
> main tree view.
> Regards,
> 	Joey

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