[Openvas-devel] Print signature and trust level information

Joey Schulze joey at infodrom.org
Fri Nov 28 11:02:18 CET 2008

Felix Wolfsteller wrote:
> Yes it should. I do not want to touch the nbe specs, though.
> At the moment I understand PDF reports to be the most used ones.

Then it's more important for us to keep the generated reports consistant,
imho.  Otherwise the other reports will eventually become totally useless.

> What I see (and you noted and corrected a bit already) is that report 
> generation is a bit messy. Where at the moment (non-nbe) reports are 

Oh yes...

> generated using the NBE+support files, I think in a future change request one 
> has to think about a proper "source" format for the reports (and say goodby 
> to nbe). What pops to my mind are databases and xml.

I thought about a template system.  I don't know one in C, though.



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