[Openvas-devel] [Openvas-discuss] Discontinuing openvas-plugins tarball?

Dirk Jagdmann d.jagdmann at dn-systems.de
Thu Apr 23 23:41:41 CEST 2009

effectively you have a directory on some server containing all the
plugin files. To be 100% comfortable with whatever internet restrictions
an OpenVAS user might have you should simply make this feed directory
available with rsync, ftp and http. If you use a Apache with it's
directory-index feature somebody could use a recursive wget, curl or BSD
fetch to retrieve all plugins. If you configure your HTTP server to set
the correct HTTP headers derived from the plugin files timestamp tools
like wget etc. are intelligent enough to skip downloading all those
files if they are started in mirror-mode.

To be super comfortable, you should supply a sample call for wget, curl
and fetch in mirror mode, along with a sample call to rsync.

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