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Felix Wolfsteller felix.wolfsteller at intevation.de
Tue Apr 28 09:15:17 CEST 2009

By the way, I could not find any LICENSE in the tarball (zipball), nor any 
information about the license on the webpage.
Maybe you could clarify.

The openvas page hosts a section 'related tools', mentioning autonessus only 
atm. I expect that during the DevCon2 in summer we will find a different 
organization for that section. Imho the scripts you provided should be linked 
from somewhere there (if the license is fine and we get permission from 

Also some people might be interested in working with it (again, licensing...), 
in which case integration into the svn repository would be handy (I would 
think of trunk/tools/).

-- felix

On Thursday 23 April 2009 22:11:27 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have created a simple web based solution for presenting scans jobs.
> Its all done in PHP and it reads scan jobs exported into the xml format.
> I just wanted to share it with you guys, I dont know if anyone has
> anything similar or not. I created it to share nessus scans in an
> intranet server for various groups.
> Anyway, please check it out, feel free to comment, its completely free,
> I dont want anything at all, I just hope people find it useful,  all
> scripts included in download. I have'nt tested it much other than on my
> systems so there may well be bugs or issues!.
> Demo here; http://www.hackerstorm.co.uk/openvas/openvas-index.php
> my website and download here: http://www.hackerstorm.com
> I'm not planning to take these scripts any further, though I am thinking
> of doing something with MySQL, something a bit more powerful than static
> files!.
> Has this been done already?
> Perhaps something with 'flash' DashBoards with various summaries,
> historical charts, grouping scan jobs into platforms, services,
> departments etc. In particular, I want to create a realtime chart for
> regular scans. I perform multiple scans some 4-8 times per day and
> create alerts when something is found on my private systems from
> internet scans. I do this with commercial tools already but I would like
> something opensource for sure.
> Would be happy for feedback on this also. Please note, I dont want to do
> anything for Nessus, it will be just OpenVas if I do.
> Regards
> Tim.
> http://www.hackerstorm.com
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