[Openvas-devel] Network Inventory via OpenVAS

Christian Eric EDJENGUELE c_edjenguele at yahoo.it
Tue Feb 10 09:23:58 CET 2009

Hello Jan,
I think it would be easier and more efficient to do an aggregation in the client side by implementing some Fingerprint plugins
NMAP works well but sometimes unreliable...
I have experience in low-level OS fingerprint techniques, it should be interesting to combine nmap result with some plugins
to make a very reliable OpenVAS network discovery module.

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Oggetto: [Openvas-devel] Network Inventory via OpenVAS


I'd like to have OpenVAS be able to collect a network inventory and report
it. Actually, sort of a network inventory happens anyway during a scan, so 
this is a natural consequence I guess.

Real nice summaries for the network appear to be a problem as it is
scanning per host.

So, I see a couple of questions from which a discussion might
end up with a good plan for a helpful inventory:

* Would it be possible or sensible to allow for a server side method
   to aggregate network data?
* Or would it be easier / more consistent to do an aggregation in the client?
* Does nmap already the job and should be used directly?
* Do standard network inventory specifications exists or at least some common  

All the best


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