[Openvas-devel] Planning openvas-client 2.0.2

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Thu Feb 19 09:57:39 CET 2009


now that the server modules are updated, it is also time to release
a new version of the openvas-client with all the accumulated fixes
and improvements.

I'd like to have the new release happen in February.

We need you for:
* translations (please simply ask how to do it if you don't know and
   let us know anyway if you start to work on a specific translation to avoid
   doubled effords)
* testing, testing, testing - as usual ;-)

Most shiny new feature:
* The SSH key management and its use for ssh_authorization
   (I will send a separate email to describe how to use it)

What might still be done before actual release:
* integer widgets ("spinners") for further values where integer is requested
* perhaps: the GUI for false positive management (which would be the second
   shiny new feature then :-)
* Anything I forgot?

Changes that happened so far:

* Improved buggy timeout-setting functionality
  (made the timout setting robust against misuse (only integers allowed now)
  and moved it into the plugin details dialog in order to avoid extra-clicks
  and in order to allow for a more holistic overview on a plugin.
* Added counter column for log messages.
* Fixed bug #867 	(http://bugs.openvas.org/867) which caused a corrupted protocol
  attribute when service names contained slashes. This also fixes another
  bug which caused service names to show up in the protocol attribute.
  NB: This causes some port elements to have empty protocol attributes
  when the protocol information was not sent correctly by the server. This
  appens when then messages does not relate to a specific port, but to
  the attacked host in general (port 0 in NASL).
* First step for false positives management (according to CR#18,
  You will notice a column "FP", but there is no GUI yet that allows
  for easy management of False Positives.
* Fixed bug: When no_nasl_check==no, signatures were not found due to
  sometimes different "fingerprint" length.
* Fixed bug: Server preference setting did (and partially still does) not
  override values local to the client, making it impossible to read the real
  servers value. Fixed for nasl_no_signature_check.
* Fixed bug: unknown nvt signatures were not always listed in plugin info dialog
* Made the SSH key manager dialog ready for production mode (a new ssh_authorization.nasl is
   required for this feature which will be send to this list shortly)
   This relates to CR#20 (http://www.openvas.org/openvas-cr-20.html)
* Default port changed from 1241 to 9390 (which was recently assigned by IANA) 
* Numerous code cleanups and code documentations effords
* Automated source code documentation procedure via doxygen
* Fixed bug #858 	(http://bugs.openvas.org/858) which cause a segmentation fault when
   trying to list preferences or plugins without enabling batch mode. 

Please let us know if you want anything in this module before the release.

It is planned to have the release by end of february.



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