[Openvas-devel] Changes to cache file handling

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Sun Jan 4 01:52:31 CET 2009


I just comitted some further changes on the handling of cache files (.desc).
It still needs some testing whether it works compatible with openvas-server 
2.0.0 release. The main change is that the cache files now have different names
(".desc" now appended, instead of replacing ".nasl" by ".desc").

In fact this is yet another patch that was derived from Stjepans patch
for CR #24 (subdirs for plugins).

Next planned patch is to finalize changes to openvas-libraries so
that it allows for the new feature and can be released eventually as 2.0.1.
Stjepans patch then extends to -libnasl and -server.

The reason the progress is slow is that I had to do several cleanups of the 


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