[Openvas-devel] XML OMP Questions

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan-oliver.wagner at intevation.de
Sat Jan 17 21:32:02 CET 2009

On Friday 16 January 2009 21:39:24 Matthew Mundell wrote:
> 1) Are the XML entities ordered.  That is, does
> 	   <new_task>
> 		 <task_file>asdf3235saf3kjBVF...</task_file>
> 		 <identifier>Scan Webserver</identifier>
> 		 <comment>Hourly scan of the webserver</comment>
> 	   </new_task>
>    mean that <task_file> must come before <identifier>?

I guess that the sequence is not mandatory.

> 2) In modify_task, can there be more than one parameter value pair?  For
>    example
> 	   <modify_task>
> 		 <task_id>254cd3ef-bbe1-4d58-859d-21b8d0c046c6</task_id>
> 		 <parameter>task_file</parameter>
> 		 <value>HAFawrAsfdgJFGE374...</value>
> 		 <parameter>comment</parameter>
> 		 <value>New comment.</value>
> 	   </modify_task>

this is no good XML style.

Probably it is a good idea to allow for more than one parameter to
update within one modify_task (Michael: or did you have something special
in mind with this).

I would choose a format like this:

<parameter id="comment">New Comment</parameter>

Or ways are possible as well.

> 3) Should the new_task "task_file" element be named just "file", for
>    consistency?  Or perhaps, should "identifier" and "comment" be
>    "task_identifier" and "task_comment", to match "task_file"?
>    Similarly, should the "task_id" elements be named just "id"?

hm, in case the node appear anywhere in the very same format,
this might be an option.

> 4) People might take the new_task "identifier" element to be for a task id.
>    Perhaps it should be called "name" instead?


> 5) Are the responses to start_task garaunteed to come back in the order
> they were given?  If so, is this going to hinder running OMP over certain
> protocols like HTTP, where (I think) one response could beat an earlier
> response back to the client?
>    Perhaps start_task_response should have an id field?




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