[Openvas-devel] Preparing OpenVAS 3.0: features and timeline

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Thu Sep 3 15:24:27 CEST 2009


it is getting time to bring OpenVAS on the track to 3.0.

First of all: I was initially thinking that we will have a 2.1 release
first. However, IMHO the significant changes in architecture
and features justify a 3.0.

Main idea:
OpenVAS 3.0 introduce various new features and
a improved internal architcture. But it should not make
OpenVAS-Manager mandatory yet. It rather should
recommend to try out OpenVAS-Manager, because
it will be supported well by OpenVAS 3.0.
OpenVAS 4.0 should then have OpenVAS-Manager
as mandatory default (while OTP is still being supported).
OpenVAS 5.0 should not support OTP anymore - OMP 
is the protocol every client uses.

New Features and changes in OpenVAS 3.0:

* Drop module openvas-libnasl (done)
* Drop module openvas-plugins (done)
* IPv6 Support (in progress)
* WMI-client support (done)
* OpenVAS-Client depends on openvas-libraries (done)
* OpenVAS-Client supports OMP (in progress)
* OpenVAS-Client migrates from OpenSSL to GNU/TLS (in progress)
* OpenVAS-Client offer command line client for OMP (in progress)
* OpenVAS-Client compiles for Windows (in progress)
* OpenVAS-Server uses new NVT cache (faster, no size limits for NVTs in the future)

What I like to change for 3.0 also:

* rename openvasd to openvassd for scan daemon.
  This would be in line with openvasmd (manager daemon)
  and openvascd (configuration daemon)

* In fact, rename "openvas-server" to "openvas-scanner"
   because "server" is a bit too generic.

* new rules file format. The rules are really badly managed.

* new openvas(s)d.conf format: use keyfile here.


Have 3.0.0beta1 in October.
Have 3.0.0 before Christmas.

Please feel free to add things I forgot or you would like to add.
Any other comments welcome as well.
Perhaps we can generate some CRs out of this discussion.

Anyone volunteering to create a nice roadmap webpage?
(http://www.openvas.org/roadmap.html is a bit, well ... thin)

All the best


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