[Openvas-devel] openvas-libraries and libopenvas-config

Vlatko Kosturjak kost at linux.hr
Mon Sep 21 10:31:21 CEST 2009

Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> On Montag, 21. September 2009, Vlatko Kosturjak wrote:
>> Is there any special reason why openvas-libraries have 
>> libopenvas-config and not doing it through standard pkg-config?
> the only reason I can think of: noone did take care of it yet ;-)
> pkg-conf should be available for most platforms, I assume.

Yes, it is a standard way to do it.

> Anyone likes to take care for this today?
> (else 3.0.0-beta1 will be released with the current style)

I can help, but would need to work with someone who implemented 
libopenvas-config. But, I guess we're too late if 3.0.0-beta1 will be 

I'm sending pkg-config of openvas-libraries.pc as sample I've made. 
configure should read open-libraries.pc.in and produce open-libraries.pc 
with right $prefix and $version...

I'll be on IRC for details...

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