[Openvas-devel] CR 45: OpenVAS-Scanner: add pausing of scans

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at intevation.de
Fri Mar 12 12:35:13 CET 2010

> On Thursday 11 March 2010 18:06:26 Matthew Mundell wrote:
> > Please consider CR 45: OpenVAS-Scanner: add pausing of scans
> >
> > 	http://www.openvas.org/openvas-cr-45.html
> >
> > Feedback appreciated.
> the patch seems to be incomplete.

The patch was complete.  Felix said he had problems opening it in Kompare,
but it was OK in a text editor.

> Modifying OTP actually means to start OTP 1.1.

Yes, good point, clients will need to know if these new commands are

> Since we have a couple more in-depth changes to
> openvas-scanner in the queue I propose
> we branch 3-0 and open trunk for comprehensive
> changes.
> Any concerns?

If we are branching then can we

  - please please please reformat the Scanner code in the branch before doing
    anything else.  Preferably all of it.  At least the parts that we are
    likely to modify.  It is so badly formatted that it's easy to get lost
    in the code.  I took longer than I should have to understand the code and
    write the patch.  I think we could introduce errors if we do
    modifications to the code as it is.

  - consider dropping support for NTP and OTP 1.0 in the branch, and requiring
    that future clients support the exact protocol provided by the Scanner they
    are talking to.  This will simplify the Scanner and ease development and
    maintenance.  This will also set the way for quickly moving OTP to a more
    streamlined and convenient protocol.
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