[Openvas-devel] OBS repository location changed

Stephan Kleine bitdealer at gmail.com
Sun May 2 09:08:24 CEST 2010

Hi guys,

I finally made up my mind what to do with the different versions and put them 
in 2 different repositories. The new repository locations are bellow


Please be so kind and adapt 

1. http://openvas.org/openvas-server.html
2. http://openvas.org/openvas-client.html

on your website (and also remove the "how to add it as a repository" part 
since that should be self explanatory or depends on the distribution).

We (the OBS) currently build for the following distributions:

* CentOS
* Debian
* Fedora
* Mandriva
* openSUSE
* Ubuntu

(within the limits of what is availabe via their base packages)

The only thing I`m currently missing with the v3 packages is to run them not 
as root but as some unprivileged user  - I lack they time atm to fix this and 
since the feedback is underwhelming it can't be that much of an issue. 
However, patches certainly are welcome.


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