[Openvas-devel] Proposal: Rename NVT Families

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Mon May 3 13:41:22 CEST 2010

On Montag, 3. Mai 2010, Hartmut Goebel wrote:
> IMHO the naming of NVT families lacks order.  Most annoying for me is:
> Local Checks are spead all over the list, since tey are named like "AIX
> Local Security Checks" and "Ubuntu Local Security Checks".
> Further I do not understand where to find some tests. E.g. testing for
> default passowrd of an embedded mysql database. Is it in the
> "Microsoft", "Default Accounts" or "Database" family.
> And there are some families containing only a few tests at all: most
> notable "Credentials" (huh? what does this mean?) and "Finger abuse".
> If others agree, I volunteer writing a change request. But I may need
> help for evaluating the risks and side-effects.

the family names (actually the whole family concept) is definitely suboptimal.
I was inherited from Nessus and only slightly modfied.
Any further change causes a lot of side effect.
I do not see a more benefit than harm from renaming families.

What we actually need is a better category-concept.
However, we need to go step by step and be realisitic with the
construction areas we open.
My first thought, without having analysed situation further, is that
with getting the OID scheme into real production we can care about the



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