[Openvas-devel] Copyright Years

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Mon May 10 20:49:09 CEST 2010

> Author: felix
> Date: 2010-04-26 13:13:40 +0200 (Mon, 26 Apr 2010)
> New Revision: 7421
> Modified:
>    trunk/openvas-manager/ChangeLog
>    trunk/openvas-manager/src/manage_sql.c
> Log:
> * src/manage_sql.c: Added 2010 to copyright statement.

I think I've mentioned this before, the GNU maintainers guide suggests:

	To update the list of year numbers, add each year in which you have made
	nontrivial changes to the package. (Here we assume you're using a publicly
	accessible revision control server, so that every revision installed is also
	immediately and automatically published.) When you add the new year, it is not
	required to keep track of which files have seen significant changes in the new
	year and which have not. It is recommended and simpler to add the new year to
	all files in the package, and be done with it for the rest of the year.


Perhaps we should automatically update every file.  Anyone have experience
with this?

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