[Openvas-devel] OMP: get list of all reports from get_status_response

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Mon May 10 23:14:07 CEST 2010

> IC. The results differ *at lot* between <get_status> and <get_status
> task_id=... />:
> $ omp-cli xml '<get_status/>' | xmllint --format -
> <get_status_response status="200" status_text="OK">
>     <task id="9272a274-9625-4b7f-9692-f608f4fb6c88">
> ...
>     <first_report>
>       <report id="d8f62888-97e8-4db7-b280-d5bbab12cee3">
> ...
>       </report>
>     </first_report>
>     <last_report>
>       <report id="9a97a6e7-f23b-4444-9ef8-6aca97593776">
> ...
>       </report>
> ...
> I got the impression OMP was designed with gsa in mind and streamlined
> to it. From my point of few these are not the expected results.

We've been extending the protocol for whatever requirement the GSA has had.
We added get_status early on, when we were trying to do each GSA page with
a single OMP request.

> I propose changing OMP get_status to return the same task data in both
> cases. Or to split it into two commands: task_summaries and
> task_details. (get_status is not quite meaningfull anyway).

Yes, it should match the other commands better.  It should be called
get_tasks.  Passing it a task_id attribute should return a single task.  It
should return the same data either way.  Passing a details attribute should
return the detailed version.

I say we do this as part of making the protocol consistent before the 1.0

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