[Openvas-devel] branching openvas-libraries 3.1 ?

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Tue May 11 23:51:26 CEST 2010


On Tuesday 11 May 2010 09:24:47 Jan-Oliver Wagner wrote:
> > What I would like to have feedback about is what we should do about
> > openvas-libraries release. Trunk, compared to the latest release
> > has already IPv6 forgery added, lots of generic stuff inherited from
> > openvas-manager and openvas-administrator and various other small changes.
> > If we add ntlmssp support, the jump from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 would be significant.
> > I don't have a problem with this because its only new stuff, not changes.
> > But at least we would need a 3.0.6rc1 to have a broad testing.
> > Or, alternatively, we may decide to go to a 3.1.0rc1 ...
> > 
> > Please send your ideas, concerns, applause etc.!
> > 
> > Whats clear is that we should not delay the ntlmssp support. Many
> > users out there are waiting for this feature to scan Vista and other newer
> > Windows systems.

moving my mind a bit more I think it is best if we start into
openvas-libraries 3.1.0-rc1 and openvas-scanner 3.1.0-rc1.

This would introduce a number of interesting new features
with a clear mark.
It would mean to backport a number of small patches
for the openvas-libraries 3.0.6, but I think thats

Any concerns with this approach?



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