[Openvas-devel] Report paranoia

Michael Meyer michael.meyer at greenbone.net
Thu Nov 11 16:11:00 CET 2010


there is an option "Report paranoia" which could have the following values: 

Normal (0)",
"Avoid false alarms (1)",
"Paranoid (more false alarms) (2)".

Default value of "Report paranoia" is "Normal".

Question is: Should we use that for remote-version-checks which are prone to false
positives if software is backported.

,---[ foo.nasl ]
| [...]
| include("global_settings.inc");
| [...]
| if ( report_paranoia < 2 ) exit(0); 

Otherwise we would have no _remote_ NVTs for vulnerabilities of backported software, where
a version check is the only way to "detect" the vulnerability. 

There are at the moment around 100 NVTs using "report_paranoia". Most of them
are scripts inherited from Nessus. 

Comments? ;)


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