[Openvas-devel] DevCon#3: In less than 3 month!

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Thu Apr 14 16:53:08 CEST 2011

Hello OpenVAS developers,

its now less than 3 months until we start into DevCon #3.

I just updated the web page slightly:



There are 6 sessions now for which I want to assign session chairs.
I volunteer for Session 3 as it is what I am most involved
For Session 4 I think Tim would be a good choice. Tim?
Session 5 might be in good hands with Chandra. Chandra?
Session 6 is something where Geoff might take the lead. Geoff?

Session 1 and 2 are looking for their chairs ... :-)

Next, it makes sense to have some of the session in parallel.
For this it would be very good to know from the participants
which session they want to attend.
Please tick here and reply:

[ ] Session 1: Presentations
[ ] Session 2: Interfacing
[ ] Session 3: Technology/Architecture
[ ] Session 4: Security
[ ] Session 5: NVTs
[ ] Session 6: Documentation

Confirm Participation

Also, it is now really time for you to confirm your participation!

Greenbone will arrange hotel reservation, pickup and whatever you
need for a comfortable stay. Just let us know arrival and departure
time and you room preferences.

Invited talks

I am in contact with guys from OpenSCAP and w3af. Both projects
are interested in participation but need financial support to attend.
I have no idea about the financial resources of OpenVAS. Tim?

The Nmap core developers unfortunately have no time for the conference
to attend.

Further proposals on whom to ask to participate? Perhaps OSVDB?

All the best


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