[Openvas-devel] CR#52: Tighter integration of nmap

Matthew Mundell matthew.mundell at greenbone.net
Thu Apr 28 09:50:31 CEST 2011

> > I would think it would be better to provide a NASL XML interface, and to do
> > the Nmap part in NASL. ??This would mean less scan specific C code. ??Also,
> > other NASL scripts could use the XML parser.
> I initially thought about it but couldn't find any proper way of doing
> it, as NASL doesn't offer callback mechanisms. Maybe I am just missing
> something, I am not completely confident with NASL yet. Do you have
> something in mind?

You could read the entire XML doc, instead of using callbacks.  This is
what the parser provided by openvas-libraries/omp/xml.c does.

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