[Openvas-devel] Some further changes before Scanner 3.2 final

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Mon Jan 3 10:25:57 CET 2011


based on the discussion with the packagers it really
seems to make sense to get rid of some old caveats
of the Scanner/Libraries.

Apart from a cleaner code base and getting rid
of some very old, most likely unneeded, elements
it would help the packagers.

I like to do the following:
- get rid if "includes.h" in openvas-scanner.
- move the last 3 cnvts over to Libraries and
  make the built-in plugins via a special NASL call.
  This is accompanied with 3 NASL wrapper for calling
  them (it is easy to have them in the feed and still be
  compatible with older OpenVAS releases).
- Remove auto-stuff of Scanner and replace it with cmake
  build environment. If possible get rid of config.h while
  doing so.
- Same for Libraries.
- Remove .nes management as we won't have any binary plugins

- We would likely loose compatibility with HP UX, Solaris
  and some very old Linux/BSD stuff.
  Note: From reading the code I am pretty sure, HPUX and Solaris
  comptibility is already lost some time ago.




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