[Openvas-devel] Call for vote: CR #60 (NVT directory structure)

Jan-Oliver Wagner Jan-Oliver.Wagner at greenbone.net
Wed Dec 12 15:50:50 CET 2012

Am Mittwoch 12 Dezember 2012 13:35:18 schrieb Henri Doreau:
> I'm in favor of such a change, provided the exceptions mentioned in the CR.


> I have a question though. I'm wondering whether this hierarchy should
> be made visible to the scripts. In other words, which rules do we want
> for include/dependencies? My opinion is that exporting a single, flat,
> namespace in the scanner (actually it's not totally already) would be
> better. If not, common dependencies (like toolcheck) should be kept in
> the root tree and libraries (.inc) should be moved to a lib/ directory
> or something.

Good point. inc-files should definitely better be in root directory.
(BTW: there is a scanner setting "include_folders" where multiple
include directories can be specified, but it should not be used to
add 2013/ etc.)

Also NVTs that are used as dependency across years should better
stay in root directory. BTW: We don't need to use a path "../xyz.nasl"
because the root dir is searched automatically.

Will add this to the CR.

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