[Openvas-devel] Using git for openvas development

Michael Wiegand michael.wiegand at greenbone.net
Tue Sep 17 11:44:34 CEST 2013

* Jan-Oliver Wagner [16. Sep 2013]:
> However, this does not solve yet the core problem, openvas-plugins.
> I talked to the admins of Wald and they said it is possible to add a second
> SVN repository to Wald for OpenVAS, named "openvas-nvts". We could
> bring all of openvas-plugins including history there and hook in a second
> commit mailing list and a second SVN web browser. Same user IDs wouold
> be able to work on both repos always.
> The other option would be to solve everything inside a single SVN repo.
> Which should be doable, following ideas like Henri's proposal to have a openvas-core.
> However, the NVTs are something really different from the rest of the code,
> so I thought it might make sense to have two repos nonetheless.
> What do people think about this approach?

I'm in favor of moving openvas-plugins to a separate repository. In
ancient times openvas-plugins was more clearly defined as a module, with
a module version, Makefile and more or less a release cycle. This proved
to be inefficient, leading to the sort of "rolling release" for the
plugins through the NVT feeds.

This divergence of general structure and release model would IMHO
be one reason for splitting the repository. It would also enable the
different repositories to adjust the source code management to their
respective needs without affecting the other repositories, be it through
the use of SVN keywords as discussed or through other changes.



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