[Openvas-devel] rebuild + scan issue

Michael Meyer michael.meyer at greenbone.net
Fri Jan 8 09:48:59 CET 2016

*** Gregor Willenberg wrote:

> I read some posts and realized that i should rebuild the NVT cache.
> There i found a bug. In the log file openvassd.messages the rebuild
> process always stops at NVT gb_junos_cve-2009-3485.nasl. I did
> restart this process arround ten times with same result.

Stop scanner and manager. Delete all NVTs (/var/lib/openvas/plugins/*) and the
cache (/var/cache/openvas/*). Run "openvas-nvt-sync". Start the
scanner. Run "openvasmd --rebuild". Did it work now?

> In my second working Openvas VM my scan was stopping at 14 percent

What means "stopping"? In which state is the scan. 

> with the following error message in the logfile openvassd.message.
> [Thu Jan  7 16:51:45 2016][8276]
> [8276](/var/lib/openvas/plugins/2012/mysql_auth_bypas_cve_2012_2122.nasl:0)
> close(): invalid argument

This is a minor problem in the NVT, this will not cause the scan to stop.


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