[gnessus-discuss] Discussions with SPI regarding the openvas.* domains and donations

Tim Brown timb at gnessus.org
Tue Nov 1 20:58:29 CET 2005


Had a quick 5 minute chat with Software in the Public Interest regarding the 
possibility of OpenVAS being an official SPI project.  For those of you that 
don't know, SPI are the trademark holders for GNU/Debian, amongst their more 
notable roles.  You can find out more about them at http://www.spi-inc.org/.

Below is a log of our conversation... CosmicRay (John Goerzen) is president, 
whilst cdlu (David Graham) is the secretary:

<CosmicRay> [machine]: the first question is, what do you want SPI to do for 
you?  Just hold some domains, receive donations, etc?
<cdlu> ok
<[machine]> cr: yes, that's pretty much it
<CosmicRay> [machine]: both of those?
<[machine]> yep
<CosmicRay> ok.
<cdlu> [machine], could you email something detailed to board at spi-inc.org
about what you'd want from SPI and what you're expecting?
<cdlu> I can put that in the agenda and use it as a starting point for
<[machine]> i'm not sure we'll be taking donations, but it's always a
possibility i guess
<CosmicRay> [machine]: we also hold trademarks for Debian, for example, though 
if you want to have some other entity do that for your project (or not use 
trademarks), that's fine.
<[machine]> sure
<CosmicRay> [machine]: the next question is, who is considered authoritative to 
make requests on behalf of your project, and how is that person selected?
<CosmicRay> so, for instance, if we get an e-mail from somebody saying "send 
funds to xxx" and somebody else saying "no, don't do that", who are we supposed 
to follow
<CosmicRay> cdlu: are there any others that we usually need to ask?
<[machine]> at the moment i guess it's myself and a guy called william
<CosmicRay> [machine]: if you want to send that sort of info to spi-board in 
advance of the meeting, that would be great.
<CosmicRay> ok
<CosmicRay> are you still in immediate need of someone to hold a domain for 
<cdlu> Cosmicray, um... a) who is the leader/how selected, b) who is
representative/how selected, c) what we're expected to provide (ie
domain ownership, trademark holding, constitution enforcement, donation 
handling, something else
<[machine]> well, the domains are currently with a security company, but he's 
willing for spi to hold them and i believe it would be more sensible
<CosmicRay> ok, that sounds good.
<[machine]> as i said to bruce, community support is important
<cdlu> CR, you will be at the meeting of the 15th?
<[machine]> i suspect a lot of people would find it easier to trust SPI than an 
individual company who trade in the same sector as the tool is developed

(bruce is Bruce Perens who emailed me when I fist mooted the idea of a fork on 
Slashdot and william anderson is neuro who some of you will have seen on 
#openvas at irc.oftc.net and who registered the openvas project on SourceForge).

My answers to the questions above:

* We'd like them to host the openvas.* DNS records, and potentially take 
* We're not concerned about trademarks
* The contacts will be the DC and AC and any change will need to be signed off 
by both (see http://www.openvas.org/doku.php?id=the_team)

So, question 1) Does anyone have any concerns with the above?  Usual approach, 
silence is "I'm not concerned", yes is "I support it" and no is "over my dead 

And question 2) At the moment myself and William are admins of the OpenVAS
sourceforge.net which I guess means we're sharing the AC hat, but we do need to 
figure out who the AC and DC actually are.  Any thoughts, volunteers etc?

Tim Brown, GNessUs
<mailto:timb at gnessus.org>

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