[gnessus-discuss] Discussions with SPI regarding the openvas.* domains and donations

Sean Baumann sean.baumann at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 21:38:52 CET 2005

Question 1: no worries, whatever you all decide is fine.
 Question 2: I need a better understand of what the responsibilities (and
time requirements!) will be before I can volunteer myself. I can always take
up the DC as "acting" if we can't find a viable alternative. I'm very
interested in seeing this project succeed.

 On 11/1/05, Tim Brown <timb at gnessus.org> wrote:
> All,
> Had a quick 5 minute chat with Software in the Public Interest regarding
> the
> possibility of OpenVAS being an official SPI project. For those of you
> that
> don't know, SPI are the trademark holders for GNU/Debian, amongst their
> more
> notable roles. You can find out more about them at http://www.spi-inc.org/
> .
> Below is a log of our conversation... CosmicRay (John Goerzen) is
> president,
> whilst cdlu (David Graham) is the secretary:
> <CosmicRay> [machine]: the first question is, what do you want SPI to do
> for
> you? Just hold some domains, receive donations, etc?
> <cdlu> ok
> <[machine]> cr: yes, that's pretty much it
> <CosmicRay> [machine]: both of those?
> <[machine]> yep
> <CosmicRay> ok.
> <cdlu> [machine], could you email something detailed to board at spi-inc.org
> about what you'd want from SPI and what you're expecting?
> <cdlu> I can put that in the agenda and use it as a starting point for
> discussion
> <[machine]> i'm not sure we'll be taking donations, but it's always a
> possibility i guess
> <CosmicRay> [machine]: we also hold trademarks for Debian, for example,
> though
> if you want to have some other entity do that for your project (or not use
> trademarks), that's fine.
> <[machine]> sure
> <CosmicRay> [machine]: the next question is, who is considered
> authoritative to
> make requests on behalf of your project, and how is that person selected?
> <CosmicRay> so, for instance, if we get an e-mail from somebody saying
> "send
> funds to xxx" and somebody else saying "no, don't do that", who are we
> supposed
> to follow
> <CosmicRay> cdlu: are there any others that we usually need to ask?
> <[machine]> at the moment i guess it's myself and a guy called william
> anderson
> <CosmicRay> [machine]: if you want to send that sort of info to spi-board
> in
> advance of the meeting, that would be great.
> <CosmicRay> ok
> <CosmicRay> are you still in immediate need of someone to hold a domain
> for
> you?
> <cdlu> Cosmicray, um... a) who is the leader/how selected, b) who is
> representative/how selected, c) what we're expected to provide (ie
> domain ownership, trademark holding, constitution enforcement, donation
> handling, something else
> <[machine]> well, the domains are currently with a security company, but
> he's
> willing for spi to hold them and i believe it would be more sensible
> <CosmicRay> ok, that sounds good.
> <[machine]> as i said to bruce, community support is important
> <cdlu> CR, you will be at the meeting of the 15th?
> <[machine]> i suspect a lot of people would find it easier to trust SPI
> than an
> individual company who trade in the same sector as the tool is developed
> (bruce is Bruce Perens who emailed me when I fist mooted the idea of a
> fork on
> Slashdot and william anderson is neuro who some of you will have seen on
> #openvas at irc.oftc.net <http://irc.oftc.net> and who registered the openvas
> project on SourceForge).
> My answers to the questions above:
> * We'd like them to host the openvas.* DNS records, and potentially take
> donations
> * We're not concerned about trademarks
> * The contacts will be the DC and AC and any change will need to be signed
> off
> by both (see http://www.openvas.org/doku.php?id=the_team)
> So, question 1) Does anyone have any concerns with the above? Usual
> approach,
> silence is "I'm not concerned", yes is "I support it" and no is "over my
> dead
> body".
> And question 2) At the moment myself and William are admins of the OpenVAS
> sourceforge.net <http://sourceforge.net> which I guess means we're sharing
> the AC hat, but we do need to
> figure out who the AC and DC actually are. Any thoughts, volunteers etc?
> Cheers,
> Tim
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