[gnessus-discuss] Discussions with SPI regarding the openvas.* domains and donations

Tim Brown timb at gnessus.org
Wed Nov 2 11:19:39 CET 2005

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Sean Baumann wrote:

> Question 2: I need a better understand of what the responsibilities (and
> time requirements!) will be before I can volunteer myself. I can always take
> up the DC as "acting" if we can't find a viable alternative. I'm very
> interested in seeing this project succeed.
> Regards,
> Sean

Okay, my proposal based on the discussionsdo far is the following:

Sean acts as DC, Robert takes the AC role and I am available to fill in 
either role.  To me that makes sense because whether I like it or not, I 
am currently PoC for such a large proportion of the work being carried 
out under the guise of OpenVAS.  For example, I'm dealing with SPI, 
UKUUG, press work etc.  I'd also suggest we return to the problem of DC 
when the development team is more established.

Anyone not in favour, raise your hand now, preferably with an alternate 
proposal :).

Tim Brown, GNessUs
<mailto:timb at gnessus.org>

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