[openvas-discuss] Whilst I'm away

Tim Brown timb at openvas.org
Fri Nov 4 14:17:55 CET 2005


I'm in Canada for the next week, networking with SecuritySpace (the 
guys who donated openvas.*) and also taking a course, but I've had a few 
ideas of things that need kicking off in my absence.

1) What happens if we sed "s/nessus/openvas/g" all the source code?  Will 
it still compile?  Are there going to be any bugs I'll run into if I do it 
on my branch of the CVS tree and commit?
2) What code currently in the CVS tree isn't GPL licensed?
3) The current code in gnessus-plugins may be hobbled - I believe some 
critical files were not GPLd and have been removed?  What were they and 
can we replace them, either with older versions from before their license 
changed or with our own code?
4) How are we going to manage bugs, RFEs etc?
5) What mailing lists do we need in addition to discuss, announce and 
6) How do we decouple Nessus from SSL for checking validity of plugin 
7) SPI are having a meeting on the 15th, maybe Robert wants to 
liase with them in my absence regarding the proposal.

Whilst I am away, I will be porting my changes from, GNessUs to OpenVAS 
and working on item 6, but if anyone else wants to take a look, it will be 

I may stick my head on to the list if I get a chance, but if not will be 
back on the 14th.

Tim Brown, OpenVAS
<mailto:timb at openvas.org>

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