[openvas-discuss] Contributions (fwd)

Michael Weber mweber at alliednational.com
Mon Nov 7 23:19:15 CET 2005

>>>> Adam Jones <ajones1 at gmail.com> 11/07 10:45 AM >>>
>Sorry guys if this breaks threading on the messages, been looking at
>this through list archives.

I second the apology since I'm responding in like kind...

>I agree that the stable/unstable/testing classification will be
>for plugins. Although some of the categorization features available
>sourceforge are awesome, I think it would turn out to be more
>than it is worth.

Could we consider a two dimensional classification?  One side being
stable/unstable/testing and the other being safe/caution/dangerous?

For some of the work I do, living on the bleeding edge is fine and I
grab everything.  Other times, I need stability and safety.  Some of
customers demand the stability, and the latest tests.  It would be
very nice to be able to download the plugins that match just the
I need for the job.

>I also think that auditing should be structured around where a plugin
>is applicable. 
Accountability is a GOOD thing!

>I know this adds extra work to the project. I think that, given the
>community response to this effort, the people are there to do it.
>Someone earlier said that getting new plugins is essential to the
>success of openvas, and I would like to add that providing a measure
>of quality assurance to the plugins is just as important.

I would also like to see if there is a way to prevent plugin-bloat. 
9000+ tests sounds good, until you find out you need more than a 
weekend to run the scan on a larger network.  Having goals of not
duplicating any tests and not running unnecessary tests would be


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